Did I really hear the gallery chanting Sergio’s name this weekend? I have been a golf fan since I picked up a club at five years old. I have had the opportunity to walk the courses of St. Andrews, The Masters, and East Lake on championship weekend; there is a real power and energy to getting the gallery behind you.

I personally have always been a Sergio fan-- his fiery attitude and his talent attracted me initially, however, my intensity to follow him dwindled as he made excuses and aimed for second place. Who wants to follow someone who doesn’t believe in themselves? What I saw on the 18th green on Sunday was different; it was transformational. I saw a man who believed in himself and who played with emotion, putting on an amazing display of persistence and execution.

The thing about emotion is you cannot fake it! In Sergio’s every action, the gallery saw a different man than the Sergio of the past. With each stroke, setback, and action, he won them over a little more (the small things count). First, people needed to believe that he had the capability to win, which he showed by his consistent play. Then, he needed to show the gallery that he had the ability to overcome adversity, to play his best at the biggest moments. He did this on Sunday by recovering from two bogeys and eagling fifteen. Sergio needed one last test to win them over; he needed a pinnacle moment. The Sergio in the past would have walked off the green after the missed the putt on eighteen, blamed his caddy and blown his opportunity. Not this Sergio--he recovered and went forward executing a beautiful birdie in the playoff to win The Masters, the crowd and to redefine his legacy. The roar on Sunday started with a chirp on Thursday. He gave people a reason to believe in him, and he backed it up with action.

What a great lesson for all of us as we lead people and try to create a gallery of supporters in our life. I pulled so much out of Sunday’s victory; it was emotional for me. Sergio has learned some hard lessons, but those lessons have prepared him for Sunday! He had the right mindset and talent, and at the pinnacle moment, he delivered results. His speech afterwards was authentic and showed a man at peace with who he was, grateful for where he was standing. His combination of mindset, emotion and talent left everyone cheering for him!

Well Done Sergio!


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