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ZONS INc exists to create, cultivate, and connect inspired ideas and People. To build them into authentic and sustainable realities - impacting communities in a positive way

Our story

Zons Inc is a passion project of PJ Zonsius's, with the goal  to create a space for ideas on leadership, business, energy and community to exist. The goal is to provide relevant content, interesting and engaging connections for our followers and customers. 

This simple idea is very powerful in today's economy. To build a space to share, new, and relevant business opportunities and have meaningful conversations on topics such as energy, logistics, leadership, sales growth, motivation, culture, and life. PJ's story and success have emerged from engaging in these types of conversations. Finding the white space, taking action, and hustling in industries that are mature and have grown complacent. Zons Inc's oxygen is helping others find their white space and giving them the tools to succeed. 

Zons Inc is built on the idea that in this new economy, content, delivery, adaptation, and hustle are what will win the race. Businesses will need to adapt quickly, which takes a high degree of trust. CEOs will have unprecedented immediate impacts on economies given the speed of communication and impact of technology, which raises the stakes to unprecedented levels for decision making. In this world, businesses need to build cultures that can sustain turbulence and disruption. Zons Inc is a place to find resources to build better teams, culture, and strategies.

Given PJ's background, Zons Inc has a special focus on energy-related, logistics, and business topics, We believe there are going to be large disruptions in this space and want to foster conversations and a community interested in discussing this topic.  


Zons inc 

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if you want to go fast, go alone. if you want to go far, go together. 

African Proverb
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